Entry-Level Production Accounting 

A California Film Commission - Pilot Career Pathways Program

The California Film Commission - Pilot Career Pathways Program is excited to announce the next session of its Entry-Level Production Accounting Course this June. This course will equip students throughout CA with the skills and connections to obtain an entry level position in TV & Film Production Accounting. The 7 week, distance learning opportunity starts on June 2nd and will be hosted on the Diversity Production Pro. The course is supported by projects in the CA Film & TV Tax Credit Program and is FREE to all those accepted. Application closes May 13, 2024.


Sunday, June 2nd, Time TBD - Via 1-hour Online Meeting


This is a 7-week course for CA residents that will teach the fundamentals of what it takes to enter and excel in Production Accounting for Film & TV.


The course is supported by projects in the CA Film & TV Tax Credit Program and is FREE to all those accepted.

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CFC- Career Pathways Program:




Education Media LLC is seeking highly qualified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Curriculum Consultants for the development of a Production Accounting Program.

Education Media LLC is a cutting-edge EdTech company that is revolutionizing technical arts education through its online learning and personalized digital curricula.   We operate through a network of nonprofits, for-profits, government and education agencies, artists, consultants, and industry professionals to provide professional quality technical, arts, and trades training for the art and entertainment industry sectors.  We are working with The California Film Commission (CFC) and the IATSE Entertainment and Exhibition Industries Training Trust in the development of a specialized film production accounting program designed to equip learners with practical expertise and real-world insights essential to effectively enter a mid-career production accounting position. 


The CFC administers the California Film and Television Tax Credit Program (Program) which provides tax credits to eligible film and TV productions that meet the Program’s criteria. The Program was designed to target productions that were most likely to leave the state due to incentives being offered in other states and countries. The Program, which launched in July 2009, has been effective in keeping productions working in the state. Senate Bill No. 878 created an extension of the Tax Credit Program (Program 3.0), that requires the CFC to create a Pilot Career Pathways Training Program (Training Program) targeting underserved communities for entry into film and television industry jobs. 


The CFC has designated the IATSE Entertainment and Exhibition Industries Training Trust Fund as the administrator for this Training Program. The TTF is a joint labor-management non-profit organization that facilitates training opportunities for California’s workers to achieve and maintain the skills, ability, and knowledge necessary to meet the ever-changing technologies in the entertainment and exhibition industries. The TTF’s mission is to promote industry-wide recognized standards for safety, skills, and craftsmanship in the entertainment and exhibition industries by providing training that improves existing skills, develops new skills, embraces technological change, and focuses on the safest way to perform the work of the crafts; developing state-of-the-art training tools, resources, and methods.

Introduction to the Training Program

Education Media is in search of highly qualified and experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Curriculum Consultants specializing in film production accounting to collaborate on the development of an innovative and comprehensive film production accounting program. The primary objective of this training program is to equip mid-level production accountants with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to excel in their roles. The program will focus on enhancing their understanding of production accounting principles, industry best practices, and the latest technologies.

Scope of Work

Education Media is pleased to invite qualified industry experts to submit proposals who can contribute to the development and delivery of a comprehensive mid-level Production Accounting Training Program.  We cordially invite proposals from Subject Matter Experts / Curriculum Consultants. We recognize the critical importance of skilled professionals in production accounting who can offer their expertise in shaping a structured curriculum for the film production accounting program. The selected consultants will play a pivotal role in providing guidance and recommendations in the following key areas:

Eligibility Information


$20,000 based on deliverables that will be set with payments subject to satisfactory completion of requirements. 

Proposal Preparation and Submission Instructions

Interested consultants are requested to submit their comprehensive proposals to Education Media at robyn@edmedia.productions no later than January 11, 2024.

Proposal Description not to exceed two (2) pages, and should include or address the following: 

Additional - Two Letters of Recommendation



Please feel free to reach out to Robyn Charles at robyn@edmedia.productions should you have any questions or require additional information regarding this RFP.