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Supporting the growth of professional quality technical Arts, Media & Entertainment training, economic regeneration, and cultural innovation.

Education Media works with thought leaders, educators, and industry experts who are ready to leverage their expertise and scale their brand with eLearning courses.

Helping professionals develop a strong, authentic brand and deliver it consistently is the foundation upon which Education Media offers support services. We work with thought leaders, educators, and industry experts who are ready to leverage their expertise and scale their brand with eLearning online courses. When transitioning from industry to the classroom, creatives are often overwhelmed with the daunting task of creating and/or evolving original curriculum. Highly skilled professionals often find themselves struggling to deconstruct their vast technical knowledge into accessible and assessable instruction for students while facilitating project-based learning. Our role is to assist instructors with the heavy lifting of personalized curriculum development so that they can focus on student engagement and interaction. Following the flipped classroom model, students obtain a strong technical arts training foundation with our online lessons so that they can jump right into doing the work with their instructor.

In a time when online learning is becoming more and more a reality, we construct virtual learning environments that students can access at home or in the classroom from their phones or computer. The Diversity Production Pro is a complete ecosystem that houses our learning management system offering learners a great way to connect with other professionals in the entertainment industry. Our community hub provides a network for people who work in the industry as well as those who are beginning or enhancing their careers with our training and education courses. Everything from development, a job board, to resources and financing, our goal is to provide access and a direct relationship between creator and consumer radically changing the notion of membership communities.

Our programs are great for professional programs, districts, and universities that want to prepare their students with professional-level competencies, safety, and trade training that ensures advanced curriculum readiness. We take care of the busy work so you can focus on advancing instruction.

Robyn Charles | Director and Founder

A graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, Film and Television, Ms. Charles received a B.A. and M.F.A. from the program; writing, directing, and producing several films and documentaries. Committed to offering students every opportunity to receive a college-level media education, she wrote original honors curriculum for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD). All of Charles’ curriculum has been approved as University of California A-G Curriculum. What emerged is an award-winning film program within three years, nationally recognized by Advance Career Technical Education (CTE) as one of the top film programs in the nation. Serving as Adjunct Faculty at West Los Angeles Community College, Charles launched a union training program preparing high school students for industry with OSHA-regulated safety as well as grip and rigging training. It soon became clear to accomplish her goal of bringing this level of training to underrepresented communities on a broader scale, she would have to work with multiple school systems as well as partner with programs and institutions dedicated to bringing film arts education to communities of color. Charles launched Education Media, LLC, to do just that.

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"I am so grateful to Robyn who took my text and really pulled it together beautifully. She transformed it into a working course."

Ida Lee Henderson

Key Production Accountant

Founder of The School of Production Accounting

"When I began working with Ms. Charles, I expected that she would be able to help me strengthen the learning goals for my Production Design curriculum. I got so much more.

She brought a new level of holistic and intentional planning to support my students’ learning experiences. With her in-depth understanding of the subject matter and collaborative approach, she developed scaffolded lessons that are exactly how I want to teach my 9th-12th grade classes. All of her lessons were interactive and easy to follow, with relevant historical references.

In addition, Ms. Charles was such a pleasure to work with, had such a quick turnaround, and was always available for review sessions. The type of holistic approach she brings to her work truly maximizes both student growth and instructor satisfaction."

Jean Francois Revon | Instructor

Theater Stage and Set Designer

Oakland School of the Arts

"Robyn Charles and Education Media, LLC were an integral part of differentiating the SDSCPA middle school AME video production course curriculum. She took the time to gain a real understanding of the significance of the middle school course in the training scope and sequence and delivered a truly comprehensive unit set that is connected to pathway standards and supports multiple learning styles. Robyn is a fantastic partner to have in education and I highly recommend her AME curriculum writing and course development consultation services."

Tom Antl

CCTE Program Specialist

San Diego Unified School District

777 South Figueroa Street, Suite 4600, DPT#2035, Los Angeles, CA 90017