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Working one-on-one with thought leaders, educators, and industry experts to provide support.


Advising, providing resources as well as assisting in the development, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum and learner assessments. Our personalized and online curriculum guides students and instructors through project-based learning following the flipped classroom model. Our curriculum complements hands-on instruction in any environment (community organizations, programs, schools, colleges, and districts) without the need for expensive equipment or can be completed independently by students without an instructor. 

 Supporting the growth of technical, arts, media & entertainment education.


Providing in-service and pre-service professional development for new Career Technical Educators; liaison with professional organizations, as well as related state agencies and associations; program improvement and grant writing; consultation with local school districts and teacher training institutions. 

Raising the public profiles of professional quality technical arts programs.

Program Marketing

Working one-on-one directly with educators, we are uniquely positioned to create messaging and communications to promote our partner programs, organizations, schools, and districts. We create marketing campaigns, newsletters, videos, etc., to foster partnerships with industry as well as website content and design to raise their public profiles.

 Creating engaging media education for all students!

Online Learning

The increase in learning through digital content delivery systems creates a demand for original educational video content.  We create videos to introduce students to new concepts, which guide them through our curriculum to project completion with or without an instructor.  Using a multimodal approach by combining the various ways students learn, students can experience, conceptualize, analyze and apply meaning at their own pace.  Most importantly, we create "edutainment;" engaging video instruction to make learning fun.

Personalized eLearning & Course Management

LMS Management

Education Media’s Instructional Design generates information such as the course’s topic, learner enrollment, learner performance (time per course, completion, test result), and learner feedback (rating, survey) to customize and present the course in a suitable format to best enhance the learning experience. Learning analytics allows educators to measure and report student learning to better understand and optimize learning. When assessing analytical insights about students’ learning processes, Education Media can improve knowledge and skill acquisition accordingly. Education Media will be able to see what type of information (text, images, infographics, or videos) that students enjoy most and use it more in our upgrades.  Education Media will use AI systems to monitor student progress and to alert teachers when there might be an issue with students’ performances making Education Media a powerful teaching assistant.

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"Diversity Production Pro is exactly what AME educators in California have been looking for.  By offering online courses and certifications directly connected to entertainment industry careers, DPP will help teachers better prepare their students for work in film and television. Robyn Charles' willingness to create free and public safety training modules to support the certification needs in CA public schools demonstrates her commitment to equity and access."

Allison Frenzel

Programs Specialist | Secondary Arts

Arts, Media, and Entertainment (AME) Sector

California Department of Education


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